Tropical fruit chips mix

Tropical fruit chips mix


3 x Tropical Fruit Chips - Sustainable XX Pack

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no additives
natural raw
100% vegan
gluten free

colorful mix of vitamin snacks

  • Valuable vitamins
  • Crunchy bite with natural taste
  • 100% fruit - 0% additives
  • Natural raw food quality
  • Three varieties of fruit crisps in a colourful mix

Your tropical fruit mix in the sustainable bulk pack!

The tropical fruit chips mix gives you full flavor and 100% pure fruit. Thanks to the gentle freeze-drying process, we can preserve all the valuable vitamins and nutrients without adding any sugar or additives! In the vacuum process, the water stored in the freshly harvested fruit is removed so that the ingredients retain their natural taste and get a crispy bite. Our mono fruit chips are made from 100% natural, premium-quality fruit, and we only use controlled manufacturers from Germany and Austria. In your tropical fruit mix package you will find 3 different types of mono fruit chips in a large pack: fruit chips mango, pineapple and banana. The perfect mix to try, order your tropical fruit mix now!

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