Fruit Chips Mango
Fruit Chips Mango
Fruit Chips Mango
Fruit Chips Mango

Fruit Chips Mango


1x 250g - freeze-dried fruit chips

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€8.60 / 100g

100% vegan
no additives
natural raw
Made in Germany

freeze-dried superfood: Fruit Chips Mango

  • Pure taste with valuable vital substances
  • Gently dried without loss of nutrients and taste
  • Mango: vitamin B1 / vitamin E / vitamin C
  • Mango: vitamin B1, vitamin E, vitamin C
  • Vegan raw food quality from Germany
mango fruits

freeze-dried vitamin snack

The Mono Fruit Chips Mango consist of 100% natural mango fruit. The pure fruits are dried using the gentle freezing process. This allows us to preserve 80% of the valuable vital substances and the original taste - without any addition of sugar or additives.

The water stored in the mango fruit is removed in a vacuum process - this is how our mono fruit chips are particularly crispy and keep for a long time, without any added preservatives. In order to ensure the natural premium quality, we work exclusively with controlled manufacturers from Germany and Austria. The fruit chips are the ideal vegan vitamin snack for in between or as a topping on muesli and bowls.

natural ingredients

Sliced ​​mango

100% nutrients mango

nutritional values per 100g per serving (12g)

1385kJ /323kcal

166kJ / 39kcal

Fat 2.4g 0.29g
of which saturated fatty acid 0.5g 0.06g
carbohydrates 67.1g 8.05g
of which sugars 67.1g 8.05g
fiber 9.2g 1.1g
protein 3.2g 0.38g
Salt 0.07g 0.01g

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