A selection of our most popular products and boxes from all categories.

Spermidine can with 240 capsules

Spermidine from wheat germ extract

120 capsules - wheat germ extract

€29.90 €439.68 / 1 kg
Cut out can of L-glutathione

L-Glutathione from natural fermentation

120 capsules - in optimum bioavailability

€29.90 €99.67 / 100g

Trans-Resveratrol aus natürlicher Fermentierung

60 Kapseln – Veri-te™ Resveratrol

€39.90 105,36€ / 100g

Organic iced tea mix

40 x 500ml - Organic Iced Tea

Organic Tea Apple Mint Lemongrass

Lemongrass Apple Mint

8 pieces of 500ml each - organic iced tea at a constant temperature

€16.00 €0.40 / 100ml

Mono Mission

Our products deliver highly available active ingredients in their original purity - unadulterated, free of impurities and all controversial additives. To achieve this, we rely on strict organic qualities and high-quality pure substances in pharmaceutical quality.The claim for all MONO products: Naturalness - in only a few production steps from the raw material to the final product. This allows us to offer products in their purest natural form and effect, without using artificial additives. Our goal is to offer you the purest power from nature: 100% valuable plant ingredients that help you to promote and maintain your health and vitality in a natural way.