Fermented plantbased supplements

During the fermentation process, many health-promoting substances such as amino acids, vitamins and lactic acids are produced. But most importantly, new active ingredients are also created through natural fermentation.

Trans-Resveratrol aus natürlicher Fermentierung

60 Kapseln – Veri-te™ Resveratrol

€39.90 105,36€ / 100g
Cut out can of L-glutathione

L-Glutathione from natural fermentation

120 capsules - in optimum bioavailability

€29.90 €99.67 / 100g

Natural fermentation

The fermentation is based on the metabolism of vegan microorganisms. It is catalyzed by microbial enzymes and serves the fungi and bacteria, among other things, to obtain energy and nutrients. Many microorganisms can be catalyzed by natural vegan fermentation in the highest bioavailability.Our raw materials are obtained by fermentation (without genetic engineering) from purely vegetable yeast fungi.