Energy + Vitality

A healthy level of energy and vitality supports the body and mind to focus. There are many factors that can influence energy and vitality, including a balanced diet, exercise and sport, psyche and mind, and our environment.

Spermidine can with 240 capsules

Spermidine from wheat germ extract

120 capsules - wheat germ extract

€29.90 €439.68 / 1 kg
Green Tea Ginger

Green Tea Ginger

8 pieces of 500ml each - organic iced tea with natural aroma

€16.00 €0.40 / 100ml
Organic Tea Peach Mate

Mate Peach

8 pieces of 500ml each - natural aroma

€16.00 €0.40 / 100ml

Fruit Chips Strawberry

10 x 12g - freeze dried

€22.50 €16.58 / 100g

Natural energy

With natural energy, our body feels balanced and can perform its daily tasks attentively. With a healthy lifestyle and the right support tools, we can raise our energy levels and vitality to a higher level, improving our quality of life:Nutrition: A healthy, balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins and healthy fats can help provide the body with the nutrients it needs. Sleep: The body needs sufficient sleep to recover and regenerate.Stress management: Stress affects well-being and health, so it is important to develop stress management techniques, such as yoga, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation.Vitamin and mineral intake: The body needs certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Adequate intake of these nutrients through diet or supplements can help promote vitality.