Chlorophyll - das grüne Lebenselixier

Chlorophyll - the green elixir of life

03.08.2021 | magazine

The name chlorophyll already reveals a lot about the natural plant substance: The word is made up of the Greek words chloros (green) and phyllon (leaf). Chlorophyll is a phytochemical that gives plants their green color. Its task during photosynthesis is even more important: carbon dioxide, water and light energy are converted into oxygen and glucose with the help of chlorophyll. Hence the term “chlorophyll the green blood”.

The Green Blood: Chlorophyll and Hemoglobin

The red blood pigment hemoglobin is confusingly similar to chlorophyll. The chemical structure of the two natural dyes differs only in the center. While a magnesium molecule is found in the nucleus of chlorophyll, an iron molecule is found in hemoglobin.

The chlorophyll effect

What can chlorophyll do in the body? Chlorophyll can support the transport of oxygen in the veins, cleaning of the blood and the formation of new blood cells. In addition, the green elixir of life is said to have a large number of other positive effects on the human organism.

Chlorophyll is said to strengthen the immune system. Due to the high content of antioxidants, the natural plant substance can be used to combat free radicals and is also said to promote wound healing. The absorption of iron and magnesium can be achieved through the secondary plant substance be increased. In fact, the green elixir of life is also used against bad body odors such as bad breath and sweat.

Chlorophyll is used today for various applications:

  • Chlorophyll for better skin

  • Against acne and sweat

  • Chlorophyll for a pleasant body odor

  • Helps with bloated stomach complaints

  • chlorophyll for blood formation

  • Supports detox cures

  • Strengthening of the immune systemProtects against heavy metals

How do you get chlorophyll?

High-dose liquid chlorophyll can be easily taken with water. The recommended daily dose is three times 20 drops in 150ml of water.

Of course, chlorophyll is also found in food - but it is not so easy to absorb the plant substance in high doses and in large quantities. The following applies: the darker green the plant, the higher its chlorophyll content.

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